About Us...

About our Company

Sappah & Son Guide Svc was started in 1991 and began operations in the spring of 1992.
They are a family run business as the name implies, however Terry runs one boat and Anna the other.
Where are the Sons you ask?
Well there are 3, the oldest is a 10 year Marine, the next works construction in Anchorage and the last is only 15(Still hope!)

Anna now thinks the name should be changed to "Wife & Sappah" but Terry is not buying it!

Since 1991 Sappah & Son has grown by leaps and bounds due to hard work and repeat clientele coming back again and again to enjoy the fishing on this world class river.

The Sappah's success rate is as good as any service on the river. They try their best to insure that you have a fun and productive fishing trip.

Sappah's believe those guides that live here provide a much better service and besides why not support Alaskan families so if you choose not to fish with us please select another Alaskan resident guide.

About Terry

Terry was born in Anchorage, Alaska 1961 the son of Marge & Charles Sappah who have and continue to live in Alaska for the last 60+ years.
He spent his youth fishing with his father all over Alaska but the Kenai River was always the favorite!

Terry served 5 terms on the board of directors of the Kenai Professional Guide Assoc. and participates in Alaska's board of fisheries process.

He also has been involved in the Veterans fishing days, Take -a- kid fishing days and Salmon celebration days and many more community events revolving around fishing.

In 2005 Terry was awarded a master guide certification by the Kenai River Professional Guide Assoc.

In 2006 Terry was in and successfully completed first class of the new Kenai River Guide Academy.

About Anna

Anna was also born in Anchorage, Alaska(We'll leave the year out :))
Because of Anna's Alutiq heritage her family has lived here for centuries.

Anna grew up fishing all around South Central Alaska and also spent some time in Southeast Alaska as a youngster.

She is one of only a handful of women fishing guides on the Kenai, and one of two or three Alaska Native guides.

Anna has also participated in community events such as Veterans fishing day, Take a kid fishing day and always participates in the board of fish process at some level.

In the off season she volunteers on several boards and committee's concerned with health and substance abuse issues, she also enjoys beading and participating in Alaska Native Cultural events.

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