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Everything you need to know to start planning your dream fishing trip can be researched right here on You may use this site as a general resource, but we sincerely hope you consider coordinating with Sappah and Son Guide Service for your ideal Kenai fishing experience. Since 1991, our company has been helping fishermen and women from all over the world to fish better and more successfully. They can help you just the same as you travel the waters together in search of the coveted Kenai River king salmon. If you've never seen this species before, please take a few moments to explore our photo gallery. We know you'll be intrigued when you see what you can catch in this area! If you decide that you've seen enough and you're ready to plan your trip, please take a look at our packages. We have many configurations for salmon, halibut and trout angling to help you create your dream vacation!

Amazing Kenai River king salmon

Whether you're seeking something great to eat or something that will look great hanging on your wall, Sappah and Son Guide Service can help lead you to it. We specialize in helping our visitors catch beautiful and delicious Kenai River king salmon here in the Alaskan wilderness. If you've never had the opportunity to fish for this unique species, we hope you finally get your chance by booking a guided trip with us. Kenai fishing is second nature to our guides, and it would be our pleasure to host you for a few days, a whole week or even longer. Please spend a little time on our site to learn more about what an incredible experience Alaskan salmon fishing can be for people of all ages and experience levels.